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Atlantic Deck Systems is your one-stop-shop for deck maintenance and repair. With over 15 years of experience serving Maritime home and business owners, we’re the company you can count on for five-star repairs alongside five-star customer service.

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Full-Service Deck Repair and Maintenance

Decks, balconies, railings, staircases—you name it—we can fix it. Our certified professionals provide repair services for all your outdoor deck and stair systems, whether we were the installer or not.

Some examples of the types of issues our clients call us for include:

Whether you want a single glass railing pane replaced or you need to breathe new life into the entire deck floor, our crew is at your service.

Upfront Cost Estimates on Deck Repair

No matter the scope of the job at hand, we’re prepared to quote our work to you, upfront and obligation-free. Get in touch with us, and we’ll chat with you about what you need replaced, fixed, or reinforced.

When our pros have a firm grasp on the materials and labor time required to restore your deck to its original structural integrity, we’ll provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your consideration.

No gimmicks, no guesswork. We’ll tell you precisely what we can do, when we can do it, and how much it will cost before you commit to anything.

High-Quality Decking Materials

Decking is our specialty. Over the years, we’ve done our homework to supply our clients with the highest quality products for the highest strength decks. Our supplier network is extensive. There’s virtually no item that we can’t source for a fantastic price.

Click the link to explore some of the premium brands we’re affiliated with.

Deck Replacement Services

Before you start tearing up your deck, give us a call. Our experts often extend the lifespan of decks by 5-10 years by replacing essential components and performing diligent repairs.

Our clients call us to evaluate the cost of a deck replacement when:

Railing Replacement

If a section of your railing is compromised, we can help with that, too. We frequently repair and replace aluminum and glass railing systems of all brands. Allow us to match, measure, cut, and fit a new section of your railing system to perfection. The match will be so exact and the repair so skillful, you won’t be able to tell where the old part stops, and the new one begins.

Commercial and Residential Deck Systems

Atlantic Deck Systems offers both commercial and residential deck repair. We have the skills and resources to perform both small- and large-scale tasks.

Commercial Deck Repair

We recognize that any deck or railing issue on your commercial property poses a safety hazard, which is why we’re committed to providing swift and efficient responses to all your inquiries. With flexible scheduling options and consistent, open availability, you can count on us to repair your deck in the fastest time possible.

Protect your staff, patrons, and tenants. Call us today for a cost estimate.

Residential Deck Repair

Your deck is the ideal place to relax and gather with your friends and family even as you enjoy the outdoor weather. As with any other important structure at your home, a deck requires regular maintenance and repair to ensure that the space is safe and functional for your use. When you need deck repair or maintenance serving the Maritime Provinces, come to the experts you can trust at Atlantic Deck Systems.

Building and repairing a deck isn't something that just anyone can do. Here at Atlantic Deck Systems, we have the necessary training, knowledge and experience to guarantee that your deck is safe. You can rely on us to advise you when your deck should be replaced, and when a simple repair will strengthen and secure the structure.

Why Choose Us

We know you have choices when it comes to deck repair, and we want to be first on your list whenever you find yourself in need. You can always count on us for:

Whether you have a wobbly railing or a loose board, we are the company you should call when you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hosting space is secure and safe for those you love. We work hard to always be transparent and up front with you before we perform any repairs, and we are here to answer any questions you have about our services.

We are truly invested in every deck we work on, and our goal is to improve your home with our services. When you want service you can count on from a Kensington deck repair company, come to us first.

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